Hello, and thank you for visiting my site,

I'm an Austin based, San Francisco photographer, some of my clients include Pottery Barn Kids,Wells Fargo Bank and Siemens In addition, a few years back I made the decision to also start producing beautiful images of people during one of the happiest times of their lives. Weddings are amazing, people are joyful and I honestly love making imagery of happy people in beautiful environments.

My approach towards your wedding starts by first establishing an open and thoughtful line of communication. As I’m the professional, It's my responsibility to communicate with you, to extract the necessary information, not the other way around. I need to learn everything about your wedding and the important people who will be surrounding you. We will explore the details of your wedding day and through our many interactions, I’ll understand what images/image style and people are crucial to you and your fiancé.

Our engagements session will serve as a “get to know one other,” while also becoming a nice venue to simply start having fun together. Constantly smiling during your wedding day isn’t natural. During our engagement session we will have time to work on perfecting that happy, natural smile that non of us are born with - okay some are but not many.

Personally, I'm creatively motivated by existing, real life situations instead of artificially manufactured moments. I believe art mimics reality, thus it’s my goal to have all eyes open during your wedding, to fit into your environment and your big days events. It is my opinion, real, uninterrupted situations make the best images. Organic, fun and spontaneous images are what makes me smile. I work hard to keep everyone in good spirits and me and my crew are versatile enough to quickly run with any mood or need at hand. We are early to arrive and make no restraints on time. When I commit to a wedding, we are there until the end, period. Its worth stating again, one of my main goals is to keep things upbeat and happy, while allowing images to present themselves naturally.

It is my hope you that you like what you see. If so, please give me a call; I’d enjoy the opportunity to speak with you.